Fire Towel was started out of necessity.

"I learned the hard way by not having a plan for a lithium battery exploding in my wireless keyboard."

"If I had something like a Fire Towel I wouldn't have spent my 40th birthday with my hands wrapped up and bandaged.

On one Sunday evening, while I was making dinner, I smelled a terrible smell that didn't go with what I was cooking! As I searched for the scent I could see black smoke starting to billow out of my office.

When I opened that door my nightmare became reality when I saw a burning keyboard completely in flames.

The room was COMPLETELY filled with the thickest black smoke you could have ever seen.

In an attempt to save my entire office and building from burning, I took all I had which was my dog's blanket to put out the flames.

But since the blanket wasn't meant for fires, it wound up spreading the molten plastic and I wound up getting it all over my hands, which left me with 2nd degree burns over both hands.

I spent the next month, requiring help for every single thing I did! Humiliating and painful.

Don't let this happen to you or a loved one!

I teamed up with my longtime friend Seun Olubodun who has an extensive background in marketing and manufacturing.

Together we invented the Fire Towel to be a portable or stationary product to have in every room you keep electronics. Just in case.

Have a plan WHEN one of your electronics catches fire."

Adam Palmer and Seun Olubodun


Have a plan for putting out device fires.

When it comes to fire safety, it's ALWAYS better to have and not need vs. need and not have.a

The last thing you want to have to deal with is figuring out how to contain an electrical fire, when it's happening!

Have a plan ready by purchasing a fire towel below.

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